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Training and mentoring minority youth towards enhanced sustenance, responsible citizenship, exemplary leadership, and improved career and health outcomes.

Aspire Hub is a registered non-profit organization in Canada that inspires and empowers minority youth through training and mentoring programs towards enhanced sustenance, responsible citizenship, and exemplary leadership. 

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As a minority youth living in Canada, things can get really tough and rough sometimes, but you don’t have to go through “it” all alone. 


We are connecting Canadian Minority youth with opportunities that position them for improved career and health outcomes.


If you are younger than 18 years old, we need the consent of an adult in your life to get started. 

Training and Workshop

Our training are for preeens, teenagers and young adults.


The Technology and Life Skills Acquisition Program for students.


27 Life-enriching stories and fun activities suitable for kids.


A community-driven mentorship program for our young adults.

Our Programs

Our service delivery & Solutions

Opportunities include training, mentorship, scholarship, internship, and more.

Help is here

Empowering Students with Skills For Life

We teach Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and digital skills including Robotics, Coding  and other technology topics; in addition to other skills acquisition like cooking and sewing.  

We also teach life skills topics including money management, health, decision making, life coping skills, leadership skills, health and wellness; all in an atmosphere that is filled with hope and the love of God. Our life skills programs are inspired by Christian values and perspectives.

We provide mentorship opportunities and social connections for improved career outcomes and future leadership opportunities.

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Get Involved - Support Us


So we can inspire and empower more youth towards becoming successful adults, responsible citizens, and exemplary leaders.

This is an opportunity for you or your organization to make a difference in the life of minority youth in Canada. Partner with us today and let us change the story for many youth in our community.

You can order our merch, join our bottle drive, sponsor a student participating in our program, provide internship opportunity,  or donate.

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