Wealth Builders Lab


Wealth Builders Lab is an engaging financial literacy program for junior and senior high school students, empowering them with the essential skills for lifelong financial security.


Students in Junior and Senior High. We have age appropriate break-out rooms for the various age groups


Wealth Builders Lab takes an interactive and engaging approach, incorporating workshops, group discussion, case studies, peer-to-peer learning, gamification, and other fun activities to empower students with financial knowledge.


12 sessions all through the year, 6 sessions in the summer, 2 sessions in each of the Fall, Spring, and Winter.


FREE. Generous donation is appreciated. Thank you for giving so we can raise more wealth builders in our community.

Wealth Builders Lab is a dynamic and comprehensive financial literacy program designed for junior and senior high school students. Wealth Builders Lab equips young students with the essential tools, knowledge, and skills needed to achieve financial security and empowerment throughout their lives.

This program goes beyond traditional financial education by adopting an interactive and engaging approach. Through workshops, group counseling, interactive activities, and engaging lessons, students are immersed in a transformative learning experience. They learn about crucial financial concepts such as budgeting, savings, consumer education, money management skills, and investor education.


The program’s impact extends beyond the classroom. It addresses the issue of student loans, guiding students in navigating the student loan program, making informed financial decisions, and preparing them for successful adulthood without the burden of lifelong debt. By empowering students with financial literacy, Aspire Hub helps to improve their financial security, well-being, and the overall prosperity of their families.

With a structured curriculum spanning one year, Wealth Builders delivers a well-rounded education. The program consists of 12 sessions, carefully distributed throughout the seasons to ensure consistent learning and reinforcement of financial principles. By adopting a strategic collaboration approach with other organizations, leveraging technology for accessibility and engagement, and incorporating real-life examples, the program fosters a lifelong understanding of personal finance.


Through Wealth Builders, we help create a financially literate and prosperous society by empowering young students with the knowledge and skills they need to navigate the complexities of personal finance successfully. By investing in their financial literacy, we are not only improving their quality of life but also fostering economic growth and community development.


Parents Comments

Learn to develop money sense, learn to build wealth.

Increase your financial knowledge,  become money smart, gain a solid understanding of budgeting, savings, consumer education, money management skills, and investor education.

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