Bottle Drive

Join our Bottle Drive

Not only are we raising money for our programs, but we are also helping save the planet. Join us!

Partner with us today and let us change the story for many youth in our community. 

You can take your own bottles and help us gather some; and then take them straight to the bottle depot and make the payment deposit below. 

You can help us gather bottles and call us for pick up.

You can also volunteer to help pick up bottles at specified locations; take them to the bottle depot near you; and help make the payment deposit here.

It's cool to Recycle

Recyling begins at home, let us do our part for our planet!

Join us

You are making a difference

We are building a vibrant community of responsible, creative, resilient, confident, healthier, stronger, and more informed black youth while also reducing high-risk behavior and increasing our youth’s circles of support. Our long term goal is to build youth development centers across the Country that families will be proud to send their children to for learning, growth, and connection. 

Each bottle you exchange for cash for us is helping us get closer to that goal as we deliver our programs today and build for tomorrow.

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Let's do this!

These are the ways you can join the bottle drive:

Gather and Drop your Own Bottles

Take your bottles and those you collect for us to the Bottle Depot, and transfer the cash by PayPal or Interac to

Call us to Pick Up Your Bottles or those you collect for us

You can collect bottles for us in your neighborhood, and someone will come pick them up for us to drop them at the Bottle Depot. 

Help us Pick Up Bottles And Drop At the Depot

Let us know if you would be able to pick up bottles from a specified location and drop for us at the Bottle Depot near you.  

You can deposit via Interact to Or by Paypal –

Thank you

We appreciate your support

Your effort is making a huge difference today and for the future.

We envision a society in which our youth are empowered with training, skills, courage, confidence, resources and connections they need to handle whatever comes their ways as they go for their dreams and become successful adults, responsible citizens and exemplary leaders. 

You are making that possible through each bottle you exchange for cash and deposit here! Thank you.

Rock our tees, sweaters, hats, mugs, bags and more. Proceeds from your purchase supports our projects and programs. 


Scholarships & Internship Opportunities.

Everyday as we interact with the youth that sign up for our programs, we see many  brilliant students who would not be able to afford professional examinations or proceed for higher studies because of financial constraints.

Some of them are happy to take on short-term jobs or internships to provide them with the opportunity for upward mobility. We are looking to work with individuals and organizations to support providing scholarship and internship opportunities for these youth.