Call for Partnership

This is an opportunity for you or your organization to make a difference in the life of a minority youth in Canada.

Partner with us today and let us change the story for many youths in our community. Opportunities include Mentorship, Scholarship, Internship, Donation and More.

Investment Focus

We are connecting Canadian Minority youth with opportunities that position them for better career and health outcomes.

Training & Mentoring Minority Youth For Work Readiness, Responsible Citizenship, Leadership & Improved Health Outcomes.
Dr. Olugbenga Ibikunle
Board Member

Our Strategy

We provide underrepresented youths with hands-on programs.

Our courses are on digital/technology skills, workplace readiness skills, personal development, life coping skills, academic improvement, etc.

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The Opportunity

How You Can Help Us

Teach What You Know

Our Trainers and Facilitators help create content and facilitate our online workshop and training programs.

Become a mentor

Our Mentorship program is set for youth who can greatly benefit from having a caring adult role model.

Rock Our Merch

Rock our tees, sweaters, hats, mugs, bags and more. Proceeds from your purchase supports our projects and programs

Share your career story

Inspire one struggling kid to dream, aspire beyond the current limitations, and put in the work to achieve success.

You can donate via Interact to Or by Paypal –


We want to empower more minority youth.

With training and resources that will help shape their world. 

We envision a society in which our youths are empowered with skills, courage, confidence, self esteem and resources they need to handle whatever comes their ways as they go for their dreams and become successful adults, responsible citizens and exemplary leaders. 


Scholarships and Internship Opportunities.

Everyday as we interact with the youths that sign up for our programs, we see many  brilliant students who would not be able to afford professional examinations or proceed for higher studies because of financial constraints.

Some of them are happy to take on short-term jobs or internships to provide them with the opportunity for upward mobility. We are looking to work with individuals and organizations to support providing scholarship and internship opportunities for these youth.


Rock our Merch

Rock our tees, sweaters, hats, mugs, bags and more. Proceeds from your purchase supports our projects and programs