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We are Aspire Hub:

Empowering Youth with Skills for life

Aspire Hub is a registered non-profit organization in Canada that inspires and empowers youth through training and mentoring programs towards enhanced sustenance, responsible citizenship, and exemplary leadership. We are connecting Canadian youth with opportunities that position them for improved career and health outcomes. 

We teach STEM including Robotics, Coding  and other technology topics. We also teach life skills topics including money management, health, decision making, and leadership. 

Our life skills programs are inspired by Christian values and perspectives. 

Registered Canadian Organization (#5122452302)
Our Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)
Business Number (BN) is 740261276

AspireHub Spring Connect 2023
What I like the most about the program was the practicality. Designing the website was fun. Thank you for your time and patience.
Ebosetale Esekheilu

Our Motivation

Some of the problems facing Today's youth

include urban isolation, mental health, physical health issues including obesity, lack of mentoring/social connection for upward mobility, and unemployment/underemployment.

Extreme poverty and social exclusion continue to be experienced by minority families especially Black populations. 32% of Canadian children aged 11 to 15 experience two or more psychological symptoms of distress. 20% report being bullied. Canada ranks 35th of 38 for teen suicide, with a rate of 9.0 in 100,000 adolescents aged 15 to 19 dying by suicide. 

What if we can give hope to our youth? What if we can help them thrive with skills for life while also filling their hearts with the love of God?

Our goal

To inspire, inform, support, and invest.


Through training, mentorship


To mentorship, resources and opportunities.


The barriers to career success and improved health

vision for the future

about our Strategy

Our programs provide skills that enhance youth employability and job retention; creativity and entrepreneurship; citizenship and leadership; starting from addressing what the youth need to be aware of right from high school including self responsibility, self discipline, self esteem, decision making, problem solving, managing peer pressure, managing failure/disappointments, positive relationships, positive body image, money management, motivation for good grades, college preparedness, creativity, leadership and ideas generation.

In addition to training that empowers Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), digital skills, life coping skills, leadership skills, financial literacy, health and wellness, Cooking and other skills acquisition efforts., we  also provide mentorship opportunities and social connections for better career outcomes and future leadership opportunities; all in an atmosphere that is filled with hope and the love of God.

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To inspire, inform and invest in the Canadian youth, empowering them through training, mentorship, and resources aimed at enabling them overcome the barriers to career success and better health outcomes.


To empower youth through training, mentoring and career opportunities that positions them for enhanced sustenance, responsible citizenship, and exemplary leadership.


Our programs also help improve the health and well-being of the youth, starting by transforming the way they see themselves and what is possible for their lives so that they can go for their dreams. 

Skills Acquisition

We provide hands-on programs, skill development and mentoring opportunities. Most of our programs are delivered online; our students continue to learn from the comfort of their homes, removing the travel barriers, while providing them with rich instructor-led sessions, timely supports, accountability and opportunity to showcase their creativity.

Mentorship and Social Connection

Our students have the opportunity to connect with our mentors, coaches, counselors, teachers and leaders to help them at various phases of their lives, providing our students the opportunity to connect for insights, advice, relationship building, counseling, prayers, mentoring and connection for upward mobility.

Our Team


'Tope Olotu

Founder and Executive Director

Dr. Olugbenga Ibikunle

Board Member

Pastor Seun Jonathan

Board Member

Bayo Olotu

Board Member


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So we can inspire and empower more youth towards becoming successful adults, responsible citizens, and exemplary leaders; while helping them grow in the faith in God.

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