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Students – 8 to 15 years. Older students in junior/high school are welcome to participate.


This coaching program comprises 27 modules based on the WISDOM curriculum by Adventures In Wisdom.


Your generous donations allow us to continue to deliver this life-enriching program.

Suitable for students ages 8 to 15 years. Younger and older students can participate if they enjoy listening to life-enriching stories and/or cooking yummy treats. Location is not a barrier – The program is delivered online via Zoom.

This program helps you add more tools to your already awesome toolkit as we help our students build lasting skills for lifelong health and happiness.

Join us as we make yummy healthy treats while sharing life enriching stories for character and confidence building. 

There are 27 modules covering topics like Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence, Self Responsibility, Integrity, Respect, Self Respect, Goal Setting, Decision Making, Vision, Handling Peer Pressure, Mistakes, Disappointment, etc – all while cooking/sharing yummy healthy recipes.

You can register your own child(ren) or bring together a group of kids to enjoy this life-enriching program.

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How You Can Help Us

Train The Kids You Lead - We Can Join Your Regular Class Online.

If you are a Teacher, Coach, Youth Leader, Pastor, School-Owner, School-Leader or a Caring Adult; and you want to bring kids together at Church, Sports Club, School or Community group –  to learn these awesome life-enriching topics, please email us at; and we will discuss the details.

Location is not a barrier,  the program is delivered 100% online, you just need a computer and internet access, and I will be there.

Sponsor A Kid or Group of Kids

You can make a difference in the world by enriching the lives of the children in our world. Look around, children need help, and you can help.

You can help us get these important topics to kids around the world by sponsoring kids that you know could use this training for a better life or you can sponsor a group of kids at Church, Sports Club, School, or in your Community. 

Location is not a barrier, we deliver the program 100% online, you just need a computer and internet access, and I will show.

Email us at to discuss details

Help the Kids to Learn That Their Dream is Possible, One Story at a Time


Let’s share life-enriching stories, do fun activities and share recipes for some healthy treats; while learning some important skills for health, happiness and success.

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