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The Technology and Life Skills Acquisition Program for Youth (TECHPLUS) empowers students ages 10-19 with technology and life skills that they can leverage for immediate use, and build on for future learnings and career opportunities.

We currently hold monthly joint classes every 3rd Saturday of the month in the Fall, Winter and Spring.  

10 – 11am MST : Joint Session on Leadership/Financial Literacy/Health topics

11am – 1pm MST: Students join their program of choice. We currently run these 4 current programs:

  1. Robotics Basics: This is for any experience level. We meet once a month, 3rd Saturdays, after the 10am joint class. No Robotics kit required. Laptop and software download only.
  2. Robotics Intermediate:  Arduino and/or VEXGO / VEXIQ Kit required. We meet every Saturday. We build with Arduino kits every 3rd Saturday and  VEXGO / VEXIQ kits every week. 
  3. Web Development : Software links provided. No software or hardware purchase required. We meet twice a month, 3rd and 4th Saturdays
  4. Video Editing : We work with CapCut (Free) and Adobe Premiere software (license fee applies). We meet once a month, students are given projects and instructions throughout the month


  • Summer Camp : We hold our Summer camp in July/August for 2-3 weeks,  covering 4 tech sessions in addition to Leadership, Financial Literacy and Health topics
  • Monthly Joint Sessions hold every 3rd Saturday of the month, 10am – 1pm MST –  in the Fall, Winter and Spring; where we continue to teach all the 4 programs we currently run (Coding and Robotics Basics, Coding and Robotics Intermediate, Web Development and Video Editing) – in addition to Leadership, Money and Health topics
  • Robotics Intermediate sessions hold weekly for students that have access to the  VEXGO / VEXIQ Kits 
  • Web Development sessions hold on the  3rd and 4th Saturdays

New students can join MOST of our programs if they can watch videos of previous classes and catch up at

Video Editing with Adobe Premiere

We hold special sessions for students who want to learn Video Editing with Adobe Premiere.

Our last session was TECHPLUS Spring Holiday Special held on  March 27th, 28th, and 29th, 10 am to 12 pm MST. 

Students learned how to edit videos using  the Adobe Premiere. 

In this class, students must have the Adobe Premiere software downloaded before the class. License fee applies for the Adobe Premiere software, students can sign up for the trial version and cancel after the training.

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Discover the freedom to learn at your own pace with our dynamic and user-friendly platform.  Our goal is to empower you to embark on a personalized educational journey tailored to your unique needs and schedule.


Your donation will help us keep this program running to reach more children and youth. 

We also want to buy more loaner STEM Kits for shared communal use, that we can provide for new immigrants students and those from low income household to be able participate in our program. In the 4 years of running this program for FREE, we have seen that access to STEM equipment has been a big barrier for many students. Your donation will help us to bridge this gap and eliminate this barrier to access for many students. Thank you for making a difference.

Bottle Drive for STEM Kits

In the 4 years of running this program for FREE, we have seen that access to STEM equipment has been a big barrier for many new immigrants students and those from low income family situation.  Join our bottle drive, and let us bridge this gap and eliminate this barrier to access for many students in our community. Thank you for making a difference.

Whether you are sending us the money made from your reusable bottle exchange, or you want to donate to support us – we are thankful! You can:

  •  “Interac” to
  • Use the  Link below, or
  • Use the QR code

Coding + Robotics + Web Development + Video Editing + Leadership + Financial Literacy + Health + FUN


Students ages 10 - 19.


Coding, Robotics, Web Development, Video Editing.


Leadership, Financial Literacy, Health, Entrepreneurship, Diversity and Inclusion, and more.


July 24 to August 4
( 2 weeks, Monday to Friday)

Detailed Schedule will be shared with the parents that register. All classes are in online format for 2023. The classes are for 10 consecutive days covering
1.) Video Editing Camp
2.) Web Development
3.) Robotics (Basics):
4.) Robotics

Students can only choose one technology program to attend this summer. There are opportunities to connect with our Faculty members once a month in the Fall, Winter and Spring for continuous learning and project support

Life Skills classes are incorporated into the program.



Generous donations are appreciated.

Get your students to get in on the fun, creativity, collaborative spirit and mentorship that will make their summer, the rest of the school year and many more years to come exciting and life changing for them. Join us to tailor their curiosity into creativity.

Our students do not only learn tech, but also learn skills for money management, decision making, relationship building, and how to grow in confidence and character.

This program aligns with the Aspire Hub’s broad objective of connecting youth with opportunities for better career and health outcomes as they become successful adults, responsible citizens, and exemplary leaders.

We know that low skills perpetuate poverty and inequality. Skill development can reduce unemployment/under-employment, increase productivity, and improve living standards. We are building a vibrant community of responsible youth while also reducing high-risk behavior and increasing our youth’s circles of support.

TECHPLUS is a unique program designed to create opportunities for Youth to access experiential learning in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields, while also acquiring soft skills in leadership, financial literacy, health, and entrepreneurship. The Program targets Black Youth between the ages of 10 and 19, who are mostly in junior and senior high school; or those transitioning from high school to post-secondary education.

Through the TECHPLUS Program, students will acquire marketable technical skills as they transition to post-secondary studies, while also building soft skills for job retention, team building, and leadership; in addition to access to mentorship and professional network for future career and employment prospects.

The program includes classroom instructions and hours of hands-on practice with Instructors available to support and provide after-class support via Google Workspace and Zoom.

The Tech-Skills part of the program covers hot topics in tech including robotics, coding. web development and video editing. 

The Life-Skills part of the program covers Health and Wellness, Leadership (Leaders-In-Training), Workplace Readiness, Entrepreneurship, and Financial Literacy; which are aimed at helping the students to develop a healthy body and mind, become financially literate, develop a growth mindset, build great self-confidence, develop coping skills, and build leadership skills; all in a fun and interactive way through case studies, role-playing, story-telling, workbooks, assignments, presentations, quizzes, puzzles, games, and other interactive media.

  • The Health and Wellness modules include nutrition, self-care, stress management, exercise, drug awareness, study strategy, bullying management, self-defense, and other practical coping skills.
  • The Leadership development (Leaders-In-Training) modules cover goal setting, decision making, self-responsibility, time management, etc.
  • The Financial Literacy modules highlight topics like money management, budgeting, TFSAs, RRSPs, Credit, Student loans, Savings, etc; and
  • Diversity and Inclusion Conversations.

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For students 16+ to learn digital skills and get matched for internships/jobs


So we can empower more youth to acquire skills for improved career and health outcomes.

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