Drop-in Programs & Camps

Learn new skills, Build Connections, Grow

We provide youth with hands-on programs, skill development and mentoring opportunities. 

Our training program is focused on, preteens, teenagers, and young adults

Our courses are on digital/technology skills, workplace readiness skills, personal development, life coping skills, academic improvement, career development, health awareness, financial literacy, project management, leadership skills building and spiritual support.

We provide training and mentorship to children and youth, empowering them to enhance their skills, advance their careers, become responsible citizens, exhibit exemplary leadership, attain better sustenance, and achieve improved health outcomes. 

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LEARN 24/7


Discover the freedom to learn at your own pace with our dynamic and user-friendly platform. Our goal is to empower you to embark on a personalized educational journey tailored to your unique needs and schedule.


A health approach for students, integrating healthy cooking, storytelling, art, culture, confidence and character-building to promote development

50+ Recipes and more than 27 life enriching stories


Technology and Life Skills Acquisition Program for students in upper Elementary Classes, Junior and Senior High School. 

STEM courses with the hottest topics in tech including Robotics, Coding, Web Development and Video Editing; in addition to life/soft skills development in leadership, financial literacy, health, and entrepreneurship. 


Wealth Builders Lab is a dynamic and comprehensive financial literacy program designed for junior and senior high school students. Wealth Builders Lab equips young students with the essential tools, knowledge, and skills needed to achieve financial security and empowerment throughout their lives.

Learn to develop money sense, learn to build wealth

Partner-Led Program


Trains youth helping them develop customized workplace skills and matches them with suitable jobs while providing ongoing support and guidance.

Youth learn skills and get matched for work.


A Christian program for children, teens, and young adults, helping them to grow in their faith, relationships, studies, career, and community impact; through discussions, book study, Bible study, and prayer.

Learn, connect, grow

Our Approach

Training & Mentoring


Learn Tech skills that can be used immediately for internships/jobs; and for future learning prospects/career advancements.



Improve your employability, interpersonal relationships, leadership skills and personal “awesomeness”. Develop money sense, build wealth. 




Meet other students and mentors; and build meaningful connections for lifelong impact.


Get help, achieve your dreams, get faith-based counseling, and grow in your relationship with God.

We Help Children and youth Build Skills for Life

Our programs help students develop skills that they can put to immediate use and build on for future learning and career development. Opportunities include training, mentorship, scholarship, internship, community building, counseling and spiritual support

Our programs provide skills that enhance youth employability and job retention; creativity and entrepreneurship; citizenship and leadership; starting from addressing what the youth need to be aware of right from high school including self responsibility, self discipline, self esteem, decision making, problem solving, managing peer pressure, managing failure/disappointments, positive relationships, positive body image, money management, motivation for good grades, college preparedness, creativity, leadership and ideas generation.

Our life skills programs are inspired by Christian values and perspectives. 

Help is Here

Growing up into adulthood can be rough and rough sometimes, but you don’t have to go through “it” all alone. 


We are connecting Canadian youth with opportunities that position them for improved career and health outcomes.

We have various programs for children, teens and young adults. Youth younger than 18 years old requires the consent of an adult to get started..

Get Involved

Donate, help us reach more students

Help us give hope to more youth in our community, while empowering them with skills to thrive for life and be impactful community leaders. 

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