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We have seen that most kids (rich or poor) are not taught the critical life skills for self-confidence and success.  We know there is greatness in every child, and we want to help them see it.  We know that the way a person sees himself/herself can impact what the/she can achieve in life. We want to help children and youth transform the way they see themselves and what is possible for their lives, so they can go for their dreams.

We have seen that children and youth growing up in the poorest communities, are not taught the critical skills of personal development and leadership. A good number of these children are battling with other tough issues like hunger, abuse, forced labor, fending for themselves and living in dangerous situations, among others. Most of these children are suffering from the effect of early childhood stress exposure which leads to a number of behavioural and mental health problems including difficulty in focus and learning, decision making, emotional control, drug abuse, teen pregnancy, violence and aggression, reduced motivation, depression, etc. The concept of self development is therefore totally alien to this group. Some of these children have been victims of sexual abuse, many others are living in severe poverty, some are on the verge of committing suicide. Some of the children and youth are having serious mental health issues,  feeling isolated, and  hungry as their families are hugely impacted by the recent COVID-19 pandemic. This group is highly at risk.

We have also seen children and youth from richer communities with poor self confidence, suicidal thoughts and negative self esteem as a result of issues in their lives including bullying, abuse, changes due to divorce, among others. We believe these children are at risk as well.

These two groups of children and youth are at risk and they need to be empowered through training and life coaching programs.

We have seen that at-risk children and youth will likely not have a chance at good education or a successful career as adults. We have seen that people who lack critical personal development and mindset development skills have trouble getting ahead in life; and this then lead to poor self esteem, poor health, domestic abuse, unemployment, inability to advance in the workplace, gender inequality, depression, drug abuse, suicidal thoughts, shorter lifespan, lack of a voice, risk of getting involved in criminal activities, among others.

We imagine how beautiful our world would be if more children and youth have access to more information and resources to help them develop a growth mindset that can help them see their greatness, build courage, become resilient, and develop the confidence that will position them to achieve success in life.

Aspire Hub helps children and youth overcome barriers to success in life in order to achieve their highest potential. We are on a mission to empower more at-risk children and those living in the poorest communities with training and resources to help them shape their world and go for their dreams.

ASPIRE HUB is a non-profit organization that invests in the education of children and youth for the long term benefit of these individuals, their families and communities through our youth-serving programs and mentorship.  Our broad objective is the advancement of education and reduction of poverty.

We envision a society in which children and youth are empowered with skills, courage, confidence and self esteem they need to handle whatever comes their ways as they go for their dreams.

We believe every child is a star. We believe every child has a special gift in them that needs to be nurtured. We believe that if given the right training and mentoring, every child can achieve greatness

We help youth living in poverty in and outside of Canada to develop healthy minds, bodies and relationships. Our goal is to help youth move from poverty to possibility, and be a part of strong communities which they are being prepared to lead.

Aspire Hub helps students succeed. We help mentor, counsel, coach and support students. We also address issues of poverty, hunger, poor nutrition, sexual abuse and their effect on education. We continually search for new ways to help children and youth overcome barriers to success in school.

Our Mission is to to lower school dropout rates by creating continuous ties between the school system and the community, in order to involve at-risk youth in innovative and meaningful educational projects that contribute to their learning, their qualifications, and their social integration. We nurture the potential of children, teens and young adults; promoting healthy living; and fostering social responsibility; through innovative programs that empower disadvantaged and vulnerable youth to become self-sufficient contributing members of society.

Our Mentorship program is set for children and youth who can greatly benefit from having a caring adult role model. We believe nothing will create better conditions for success than investment in education and youth empowerment, which is why we’re working with individuals and mentors to identify at risk kids and supporting them in their journey and addressing their challenges that will prevent them from achieving this goal, including issues like poverty, hunger, sexual abuse, health issues, etc

Aspire Hub invests resources into programs, services and community building activities that have an emphasis on addressing the needs of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged youth in our community. 

Aspire Hub is a registered Canadian organization (#5122452302), but our reach is global.

Our Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) number is 740261276.

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